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Fayetteville Shale Play E-Newsletter:

With the Rocket Rig & Rig Walker package, DeSoto Drilling for Southwestern Energy “recently drilled a 5-well pad in a record 34 days” as reported in the May 2010 Southwestern Energy E-Newsletter.

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Drilling Contractor Magazine – September/October 2008:

Often rigs are disassembled, transported and re-assembled on an adjacent well. The Rig Walker eliminates the time-consuming process of rig-down. It uses hydraulics to lift and transverse the entire rig with control, stability and precision to its new drilling location safely. Key features include: 2.4 million-lb lift capacity provides ability to not only skid the rig but also transport full stands of setback; skids 10 ft in 15 minutes; no rig-down means less wear on the structure, less time to relocate the rig and more time spent drilling.

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E&P Magazine – February 1, 2007:

While the spotlight shines on glamorous, exotic semisubmersible and drillship advances, lurking in the shadows are interesting developments in the lowly land rig.

For example: Rocket Rig’s flair The wordplay is irresistible, but the rig’s name is a good reflection of how fast it can rig up and down. The rig was designed by Theodore C. Vora of Veristic Technologies Inc. He claims that “the idea of Rocket Rig design came from anchoring four principals: simplicity, efficiency, safety and [cost-effectiveness].”

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Oil & Gas Journal – October 9, 2006:

The mast and substructure were designed by Ted Vora, at Houston-based Veristic Technologies Inc. The raising system is unique, differentiated from both the typical self-elevating system and the Dreco slingshot system, which raises both mast and drawworks.

The Rocket Rig system uses hydraulic winches to raise the mast and the entire drill floor assembly with equipment, all in one single shot. The drill floor stays horizontal throughout the procedure, following an arc-path from near the V-door (mast-down position) to the hole (mast-up).

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Oil & Gas Journal - Rocket Rig - 2006

Oklahoma Local News Channel 9 – September 8, 2006