Rocket Rig

Our patented Rocket Rigs were designed with the “form follows function” philosophy and provide a compact, simple, and safe land rig solution to any drilling need.

  • Unitized for faster rig up
  • Oilfield tough structure and lower maintenance costs
  • Ships in as few as 12 truckloads
  • Designed for safe rig up at ground level
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Rig Walker

The Rig Walker is a compact, fast, and safe rig skidding system that allows rigs to move hole-to-hole with no rig down and carrying full setback.

  • Skids in 8 different directions
  • 2.4 Million pound lift capacity
  • Walks 40 feet in 1 hour.
  • Retrofittable to most rigs
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BOP Handler & Transporter

The BOP Handler is a hydraulic skid designed to transport, raise, and position the BOP.

  • Supports stack sizes up to 13 5/8”-10M.
  • Maximum vertical raising load is nearly 30 Tons.
  • Provides easy access to service the BOP stack.
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Other Products

We focus on getting work done through a 100% safety focus and high quality products. While we are known for the Rocket Rig and Rig Walker, we are also proud of our...

Traveling Blocks

We offer both 400T and 500T traveling blocks equipped with high strength shafts, thrust roller bearings, and heavy duty line guards

Crown Blocks

API 4F compliant, rated for 400 – 1000 tons

Racking Board Solutions

Retrofit to existing land rigs or offshore derricks

Offshore Derricks

These API 4F compliant derricks are designed for various types of Offshore Platform Rigs and Jack-Up Rigs with Hook Load and Environmental Load Capacities as specified by the customer.

Rig Skidding Rails

Traditional rig sliding system option for customers who may not want full Rig Walker capabilities.

Custom Equipment

Work with us to engineer and build custom solutions for your specific drilling needs