Why Choose Veristic

Veristic specializes in innovative engineering and customized solutions to enhance safety and efficiency for oil and gas drillers

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our products

We focus on customers working with 100% safety and less time. Veristic's products are tried, tested, and designed with over 50 years of experience behind them.

Rocket Rig

Tough, safe, and efficient land drilling rigs. Customized to fit your specific needs.

Rig Walker

Our state-of-the-art Rig Walker system will move your fully-assembled rig from well to well safely and reliably.

who we work with

Our customers come back to us time and time again because we address and respond to their requirements 100%. We deliver results on time. We earn and keep our customer's trust.

Featured projects

Drilling contractors turn to Veristic when they want a new drilling rig customized just the way they want.
Look below to see some of our handiwork:

Cactus Drilling Rig Fleet

  • Purchased very first Rocket Rig
  • 25 C/D Series Rocket Rigs
  • 4 Original A-Series Rocket Rigs
  • 6 E-Series Rocket Rigs

Unit BOSS Rig

  • 13 rigs delivered
  • Self-stacking substructure
  • Rocket Rig style mast
  • 800k hook load

Scandrill Scan Vision Rig

  • 1 Million pound hook load
  • 25,000 ft drilling capacity
  • Hydraulically raised mast
  • Box-on-Box substructure

Southwestern Drilling

  • 7 - 800k hook load Rocket Rigs
  • 1 - 500k hook load Rocket Rig
  • Self-elevating drill floor
  • 22,000 ft drilling capacity

Nomac Rig Walkers

  • 11 Sets of Rig Walkers
  • 12 Substructures modified
  • 2 sizes matched to rig widths

Scandrill Cross & Endeavor

  • Rocket Rig C and D Series
  • 800k hook load
  • Equipped With Rig Walkers