Rocket Rig

the new e-series rocket rig

It may look like a typical box-on-box rig, but Veristic's new E-Series Rocket Rig is anything but ordinary. We packed this mast and sub with features that you didn't even know you needed. From its simplified rig up to its smart transportation ideas, the E-Series will give you a leg up on your competition.

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The Original A-Series

The Original A-Series Rocket Rig is the rig that started it all. This patented design is highlighted by its self-elevating floor and ground level assembled mast. While smaller than the E-Series, you will still get plenty of floor space, thanks to the "strongback" mast section. Hydraulic winches help lift this rig into action with a single shot.

Two Base Styles of Rocket Rigs

When designing your perfect rig, first decide which style fits your needs

Mast Raising Type Hydraulic Winches Hydraulic Cylinders
Substructure StyleSelf-Elevating FloorBox-on-Box
Hook Load Range500-800k800k-1.25M
Setback Range16,000-22,000'20,000-25,000'
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E-Series Features

Built-in Guide Track

  • It’s bolted into the mast
  • Leave your top drive in the lower section when you truck

Hydraulically Raised Mast

  • Cylinders built into bottom box along with the starter legs
  • Two-stage cylinders that are never in tension

One-Piece Drill Floor

  • Our drill floor includes the rotary table and rotary table drive.
  • Drawworks master skid drops into drill floor for easy handling and repair

Ground Level Mast Assembly

  • Assemble your mast at a safer level
  • Convenient design makes it easy to put together
  • Standard feature on all Rocket Rigs

a-series features

Self-Elevating Drill Floor

  • Fast rig-up
  • Set drawworks while on ground
  • One-piece floor design

"Dog-Tail" Raising System

  • Equipped with sheave cluster
  • Powered by hydraulic winches
  • Two dog-tails attached to bull line

Hydraulically Raised Driller's Cabin

  • Easily raise cabin to drill floor height
  • Usable skid space below cabin

Folding Racking Board

  • Racking board travels with mast
  • Unfolds during rig up
  • Standard feature of both Rocket Rig models

Rocket Rig is Compact and Easy To Handle

Proven to perform on multi-well pads and drill extended reach wells; Veristic's Rocket Rig is an oil field tough drilling rig. The video highlights this land rig's design features - simplicity, speed, and safety.

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Our Happy Clients

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Josh Simons (Cactus Drilling) Veristic understands and adapts to the needs of their customers and provides high-level customer service
Paul Mosvold (Scandrill) The Veristic team is part of “WE” when working on projects with us.
Joe Sparkman (Unit Drilling) Veristic is a valued partner; more than just a supplier.  They are a great fit with our company.