Rig Walker

Over 120 Rig Walker systems in the field today

Walking systems can be found on many rigs today in the oilfield, but there is only one Rig Walker. It is durable, powerful, and easy to use. Its rugged frame, simple pin-on design, and easy-to-turn footpad set Veristic's Rig Walker apart from the competition.

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Backed By A Full Service Engineering Team

By using a Veristic Rig Walker, the integrity of your rig is in the hands of a top engineering team. Veristic doesn't just fabricate and sell you a Rig Walker; they provide a thorough structural analysis and can apply the necessary modifications to make sure you walk safely each time.

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Veristic is a leading manufacturer of rig moving systems for oil & gas drilling companies. Veristic's Rig Walker is more than capable of meeting all your needs in the field.

Top Speed40 ft/hr
Truck Loads2
Walking directions8
Total Lift Capacity2.4 million pounds


Skid with Full Setback

  • Keep up to 700,000 lbs of drill pipe racked while walking
  • Strong enough to move today's deep well rigs
  • Customized Rig Walkers available to achieve more capacity

Compatible with Many Different Substructure Designs

  • Box-on-Box
  • Sling Shots
  • Most raised floor substructures

Easy Rig Up and Operation

  • Simple pin-on design
  • Change directions with one rig hand
  • Ground level rig up

Easy Adjustments

  • Use the Walkers to get directly over well center
  • Level your substructure while drilling

Quotes from clients

Our customers are our strength. Read what they have to say about the Rig Walker.

Joey Stockton (Latshaw Drilling) Latshaw Drilling has the Veristic walking system on almost half of our rig fleet and we have not had one failure.
Brett Purvine (Nomac Drilling) It makes skidding a rig easier.  It’s these four pieces plus the HPU that can be rigged up, rigged down pretty easily.
Josh Simons (Cactus) Operated by a single man, the system can move the rig to the next well with minimal preparation.