BOP Handler & Transporter

Simple and Effective System Takes The Headache Out of Moving Your BOP

The BOP Handler does exactly what its name says: it "handles" the BOP stack, so you don't have to. It simplifies an often cumbersome task and expedites rig up and rig down.

See It In Action

The hydraulically operated cradle raises the BOP stack and presents it to well center. Once laid down with the stack, it makes a convenient transportation skid.



  • Fully assembled BOP is securely transported in horizontal position
  • Detachable Operator’s Control Console
  • Lock pins included for safe operation
  • Built-in loading hitches for easy trucking


  • BOP Handler positions BOP at well center
  • Cylinders are rated for a capacity of 60,000 lbs
  • Supports stack sizes up to 13-5/8”-10M
  • Drive Pins allow for quick unpinning of the BOP from the Support Frame